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1941*1st* Standish Holds On - Percy F. Westerman(Illustrated by W. Edward Wigfull)Blackie & Son Ltd

1941*1st* Standish Holds On - Percy F. Westerman(Illustrated by W. Edward Wigfull)Blackie & Son Ltd

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"Standish Holds On" is a novel written by Percy F. Westerman, a British author known for his adventure stories aimed at young readers. The book was first published in 1922.

The story follows the protagonist, Dick Standish, a young man with a passion for aviation. As an aspiring pilot, Standish dreams of joining the Royal Air Force (RAF) and serving his country. However, his father opposes his ambitions, believing that flying is dangerous and a waste of time.

Despite the obstacles, Standish remains determined to pursue his dreams. He manages to secure a position as a mechanic at a local airfield, where he gets the opportunity to be around airplanes and learn more about flight. With the help of various mentors, Standish begins to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become a pilot.

As Standish progresses in his training, he faces numerous challenges and setbacks. He encounters a rival who tries to undermine his efforts and faces financial difficulties that threaten to derail his dreams. However, Standish perseveres, refusing to give up on his goals.

Eventually, Standish's hard work and dedication pay off, and he is accepted into the RAF as a pilot. He finds himself in the midst of thrilling aerial battles during World War I, where he proves his flying skills and bravery. As the war unfolds, Standish witnesses the realities of combat and experiences the loss of friends and comrades.

Throughout the novel, Standish's resilience and determination are showcased. Despite facing adversity, he remains steadfast in his pursuit of his dreams and is willing to sacrifice everything to fulfill his passion for flying. The story illustrates the triumph of the human spirit in the face of challenges and the importance of holding on to one's aspirations.

"Standish Holds On" is a thrilling adventure novel that explores themes of determination, overcoming obstacles, and the pursuit of dreams. It offers young readers a glimpse into the world of aviation and the courage required to follow one's passions. Percy F. Westerman's vivid storytelling and attention to detail make this book a gripping read for aviation enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and fans of historical fiction.

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