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1898 Uncle Tom’s Cabin(Slave Life In America) Mrs Harriet Beecher Stowe(Gall & Inglis Publisher)

1898 Uncle Tom’s Cabin(Slave Life In America) Mrs Harriet Beecher Stowe(Gall & Inglis Publisher)

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Ornate covers faded spine slightly. Three images inside good for age.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin is a novel written by American author Harriet Beecher Stowe. It was first published in 1852 and quickly became one of the most influential and controversial works of literature in the antebellum era, contributing to the abolitionist movement and the eventual outbreak of the American Civil War.

The novel tells the story of Uncle Tom, a kind and noble African American slave who lives on a Kentucky plantation owned by the Shelby family. When the family falls into financial difficulties, they are forced to sell Tom and another slave, a young boy named Harry, to a cruel plantation owner, Mr. Haley. From there, the story follows Tom's journey as he faces various hardships and abuses at the hands of his different owners.

Throughout the novel, Stowe depicts the harsh realities of slavery and the inhumanity and brutality inflicted upon enslaved individuals. She also explores the moral and ethical implications of slavery, challenging the notion of racial superiority and portraying the humanity and dignity of African Americans.

Uncle Tom's Cabin had a profound impact on American society, as it raised awareness of the cruelties of slavery and prompted many to join the abolitionist cause. It became an international bestseller and was widely translated and adapted into various formats, including plays, movies, and even songs. However, it also faced intense criticism, particularly from Southern slaveholders, who saw it as an unfair portrayal of slavery and an attack on their way of life.

Despite the controversy, Uncle Tom's Cabin remains a seminal work in American literature and an important historical document in the fight against slavery. It continues to be studied and celebrated for its portrayal of the human spirit and its contribution to the abolitionist movement.

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