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1953*1st* Flying Dutchmen - Frank Clune(illustration Bert Zimmerman) Angus & Robertson publishers

1953*1st* Flying Dutchmen - Frank Clune(illustration Bert Zimmerman) Angus & Robertson publishers

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"Flying Dutchmen" is a book written by Frank Clune. It was first published in 1954 and has since become a classic in Australian literature. The book tells the story of Dutch explorers who traveled to remote parts of Australia in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Clune recounts the tales of adventurous Dutchmen who sailed to the Australian coast, way before Captain Cook's arrival, in search of riches and new lands. These sailors, known as the "Flying Dutchmen," faced treacherous oceans, hostile indigenous peoples, and the harsh Australian landscape.

The book explores the journeys of explorers such as William de Vlamingh, Dirk Hartog, and Abel Tasman as they navigate uncharted waters and make contact with the indigenous people. Clune vividly describes the encounters, the challenges faced, and the impact these journeys had on the Dutch explorers and the development of Australia.

Clune's writing is immersive and captivating, taking readers on a historical adventure through the eyes of these intrepid explorers. He combines his extensive research with engaging storytelling, providing a fascinating insight into the early exploration of Australia.

"Flying Dutchmen" not only highlights the bravery and resilience of the Dutch explorers but also sheds light on the often overlooked role they played in discovering and mapping the Australian continent. It is a testament to Clune's skill as a writer and his passion for bringing history to life.

While some historical events and characters may be fictionalized for dramatic effect, Clune's work is well-regarded for its accuracy and educational value. "Flying Dutchmen" is highly recommended for anyone interested in Australian history, exploration, or simply an engaging and well-written adventure.

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