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1956*1st* Day Of Infamy: Pearl Harbour December 7th 1941 - Walter Lord (Longmans Publisher)

1956*1st* Day Of Infamy: Pearl Harbour December 7th 1941 - Walter Lord (Longmans Publisher)

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"Day of Infamy: Pearl Harbor December 7th 1941" is a historical narrative by Walter Lord that vividly describes the events leading up to and the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, by the Japanese forces on December 7, 1941. Published in 1957, the book is known for its comprehensive research, interviews with survivors, and its engaging storytelling.

Lord begins by setting the stage, providing an insightful overview of the political climate and tensions between the United States and Japan leading up to the attack. He delves into the intelligence gathering efforts of both sides, highlighting the failures of the American intelligence community to anticipate the attack.

The book then takes the readers on a journey through the fateful day itself, chronicling the initial surprise of the attack and the subsequent chaos, confusion, and heroism that ensued. Lord masterfully weaves together personal accounts from survivors and key historical facts, providing a captivating narrative that puts readers in the midst of the devastating attack.

Additionally, Lord delves into the immediate aftermath of the attack, exploring the shockwaves that reverberated throughout the nation and the subsequent declaration of war by the United States against Japan. He also examines the repercussions on both a political and societal level, analyzing the impact of the attack on the American people, the military, and the future course of World War II.

Walter Lord's "Day of Infamy: Pearl Harbor December 7th 1941" is widely regarded as one of the definitive accounts of the Pearl Harbor attack. It offers a comprehensive and well-documented examination of the events that forever changed the course of American history. Lord's engaging storytelling paints a vivid picture of the attack, ensuring that readers gain a deeper understanding of the bravery and sacrifice displayed on that fateful day.

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