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1961*1st* The Otterbury Incident - C. Day Lewis(illustrated Edward Ardizzone) Puffin Book

1961*1st* The Otterbury Incident - C. Day Lewis(illustrated Edward Ardizzone) Puffin Book

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A couple of marks but good illustrations and good for age 

"The Otterbury Incident" is a children's book written by Cecil Day Lewis. It was first published in 1948.

The story revolves around a group of schoolboys from a small village called Otterbury. The boys, led by their clever and imaginative ringleader, William Pottle, are determined to save the local pond from being drained as part of a new motorway project.

As the boys delve deeper into their mission, they encounter various obstacles and challenges. They face opposition from the adults in the village who believe progress is more important than preserving the pond. However, the boys continue to fight for what they believe in, forming secret societies, creating clever plans, and even engaging in a bit of mischief along the way.

With the help of their ingenuity and the support of some unexpected allies, including a local artist named Mr. Beck, the boys set out to prove that saving the pond is a cause worth fighting for. Their determination and resolve inspire the entire village to rally behind them, leading to a dramatic climax where the boys' efforts are put to the ultimate test.

"The Otterbury Incident" is a heartwarming and adventurous tale that explores themes of friendship, teamwork, and standing up for what is right. Cecil Day Lewis skillfully captures the innocence and resilience of childhood, along with the power of community and the importance of protecting the environment.

The book is often regarded as a classic children's novel and continues to be enjoyed by readers of all ages. It is an entertaining and thought-provoking story that reminds us of the impact a determined group of individuals can have when they work together towards a common goal.

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