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1964 Foundation & Empire - Isaac Asimov (Panther Book)

1964 Foundation & Empire - Isaac Asimov (Panther Book)

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"Foundation & Empire" is the second book in Isaac Asimov's original "Foundation" trilogy, published in 1952. It continues the story of Hari Seldon's psychohistory and the rise and fall of the Galactic Empire.

The book is divided into two parts, each featuring a different protagonist. The first part, "The General," follows Bel Riose, a young and ambitious general of the Galactic Empire who attempts to defy the decline predicted by Seldon's psychohistory. Riose launches a military campaign against the Foundation, a group of scientists and scholars stationed on the outer edge of the Empire. As the Foundation appears to be on the brink of defeat, its leaders must devise a plan to save their civilization and maintain their influence in the galaxy.

The second part, "The Mule," introduces a new threat to the Foundation. The Mule, a mutant with the ability to manipulate emotions, disrupts Seldon's plan by using his powers to bend people's loyalties and bring various planets under his control. As the Foundation struggles to resist the Mule's influence, they are forced to confront the limitations of psychohistory and find a new way to preserve their vision for the future.

Asimov's "Foundation & Empire" explores themes of power, control, and the unpredictability of human behavior. It delves into the challenges faced by the Foundation as they navigate the complexities of galactic politics and confront a new breed of enemy. The book also raises questions about the nature of empire and the balance between individual agency and the forces of history.

"Foundation & Empire" is a compelling continuation of the "Foundation" series, showcasing Asimov's skill for crafting intricate plots and exploring grand ideas. It further expands the universe he created, deepens the characterization of key players, and sets the stage for the final installment in the original trilogy.

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