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1977*1st* The Crack In Space - Philip K. Dick(Methuen Paperbacks)

1977*1st* The Crack In Space - Philip K. Dick(Methuen Paperbacks)

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The Crack in Space is a science fiction novel written by Philip K. Dick, first published in 1966. The story is set in the futuristic year of 2080 and explores themes of racial inequality, interdimensional travel, and political corruption.

In this alternative future, Earth is heavily overpopulated, and the social divide between the rich and poor is more pronounced than ever. To alleviate the population crisis, a scientific breakthrough occurs, allowing for an interstellar transportation system called a "crack in space." This crack allows people to travel instantaneously to a distant planet called "Wumpus," which offers a seemingly unlimited amount of space and resources.

However, the availability of the crack leads to a new form of segregation based on race. The wealthy elite, predominantly white, are given priority access to travel through the crack, leaving people of color and the lower classes behind on an increasingly crowded Earth. As tensions rise between the two planets, a plan is devised to send the excess population to Wumpus to alleviate the overcrowding crisis. However, due to a computer error, a number of people are transported to Wumpus but are never reported as arriving.

Enter the main protagonist, Jim Briskin, a black man and an employee of the Global Postal Service (GPS). During his rounds, Briskin stumbles upon evidence of a crack in space that is somehow producing duplicates of people. These duplicates, named "spacers," are exact replicas but lack the ability to reproduce. As the mystery deepens, Briskin becomes determined to unravel the truth behind the crack and the missing people, ultimately leading him into a dangerous conspiracy involving corrupt politicians and corporate interests.

As Briskin delves deeper into the crack's operations, he uncovers disturbing secrets about the nature of society and the level of control exerted by those in power. He must confront his own biases and challenge the established norms, all while trying to bring justice to those affected by the crack. Along the way, Briskin encounters an array of colorful characters, including a self-aware robot and an android with human feelings, who aid in his quest for truth.

The Crack in Space delves into themes of race, identity, and the power of technology to shape society. As with much of Philip K. Dick's work, the novel challenges conventional ideas and forces readers to question the world in which they live. It presents a thought-provoking exploration of social issues and the consequences of unchecked power, making it a must-read for fans of science fiction and dystopian literature.

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