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1990*1st* The Kon-Tiki Man- Thor Heyerdahl - Christopher Ralling(BBC Books)

1990*1st* The Kon-Tiki Man- Thor Heyerdahl - Christopher Ralling(BBC Books)

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"The Kon-Tiki Man: Thor Heyerdahl" is a book written by Christopher Ralling and published by BBC Books. The book delves into the life and adventures of Norwegian explorer and anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl.

Thor Heyerdahl gained fame through his groundbreaking journey across the Pacific Ocean on a homemade raft called the Kon-Tiki. His expedition aimed to prove his theory that Polynesia was originally colonized by people from South America, challenging established archaeological beliefs.

Ralling, an experienced BBC producer and director, provides a comprehensive account of Heyerdahl's life, exploring his childhood, education, and early expeditions leading up to the world-famous Kon-Tiki voyage. The book also delves into the meticulous planning and execution of the Kon-Tiki expedition itself, chronicling the challenges and dangers faced by Heyerdahl and his crew during their 101-day journey.

Moreover, "The Kon-Tiki Man" delves into the impact of Heyerdahl's work on the scientific community and popular culture. Heyerdahl's theories and subsequent expeditions, such as his journeys on the reed boats Ra and Ra II, continued to challenge conventional thinking about ancient civilizations and their movements.

Ralling's book offers both a captivating narrative and an informative exploration of Thor Heyerdahl's achievements, shedding light on his motivations and the legacy he left behind. Rich with photographs, illustrations, and firsthand accounts, "The Kon-Tiki Man" provides a comprehensive and engaging read for those interested in adventure, anthropology, and the quest for knowledge.

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