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2000 Greyfriars Bobby - Ruth Brown(Red Fox)

2000 Greyfriars Bobby - Ruth Brown(Red Fox)

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"Greyfriars Bobby" is a heartwarming children's book written and illustrated by Ruth Brown. Published by Red Fox, the story tells the true tale of a loyal little Skye Terrier named Bobby.

Set in 19th century Edinburgh, Scotland, the book opens with the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Brown in the city. They quickly become enamored by the charm and history of Greyfriars Kirk, a picturesque churchyard where many notable figures, including Bobby's master, lie buried.

Bobby's master, Mr. John Gray, was a kind and gentle man who worked as a night watchman at the church. The two were inseparable, and Bobby faithfully accompanied his master during his nightly rounds. However, tragedy strikes when Mr. Gray suddenly passes away.

Despite the loss of his beloved master, Bobby refuses to leave his graveside and instead takes up residence at Greyfriars Kirk. His unwavering loyalty soon captures the hearts of the locals, who nickname him Greyfriars Bobby.

But trouble arises when the strict laws of the city dictate that dogs must have an owner. If found without one, they face being taken and put down. Bobby's plight touches the heart of a kind and determined young girl named Ailie, who sets out to save him.

Ailie, with the help of some compassionate townspeople, fights to prove that Bobby is a special case deserving of an exception to the rule. Together, they navigate the bureaucratic red tape and face the challenges of the law in their quest to secure Bobby's freedom.

Based on a true story, "Greyfriars Bobby" is a tale of unwavering loyalty, resilience, and the power of friendship. Ruth Brown's evocative illustrations bring the story to life, capturing the beauty of the Scottish landscape and portraying Bobby's adorable and determined character.

The book not only showcases the devotion of a loyal dog but also highlights the rich history and cultural significance of Greyfriars Kirk. It serves as a reminder of the lasting impact one small creature can have on a community, inspiring empathy, and compassion.

Suitable for children aged 3 and above, "Greyfriars Bobby" is a timeless tale that will warm the hearts of readers young and old alike. It teaches important lessons about love, loyalty, and the value of fighting for what is right.

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