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2004*1st* Tiger, Tiger - Lynne Reid Banks(HarperCollins)

2004*1st* Tiger, Tiger - Lynne Reid Banks(HarperCollins)

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"Tiger, Tiger" by Lynne Reid Banks is a historical novel aimed at young readers, set in ancient Rome. The story revolves around two tiger cubs, Boots and Brute, who are captured in the wild and brought to Rome. Here’s a brief synopsis:

### Synopsis of "Tiger, Tiger"

#### Setting
The novel is set in the grandeur and brutality of ancient Rome, a society known for its opulence, decadence, and the often cruel entertainment provided in the Colosseum.

#### Main Characters
1. **Boots and Brute**: The two tiger cubs captured from the wild. Boots is the gentler, more docile of the two, while Brute is fiercer and more untamed.
2. **Aurelia**: The daughter of Caesar, who becomes the owner of Boots.
3. **Julius**: A young slave who befriends Aurelia and helps care for Boots.
4. **Caesar**: The ruler of Rome and father to Aurelia, who gives her Boots as a pet.
5. **The Gladiator**: A fierce and skilled warrior who plays a crucial role in the story.

#### Plot Summary
The story begins with the capture of the two tiger cubs from their jungle home. They are separated upon arrival in Rome: Boots is given to Aurelia, the daughter of Caesar, while Brute is trained for the brutal gladiatorial games in the Colosseum.

Aurelia names her pet tiger Boots and forms a strong bond with him, treating him with kindness and affection. Julius, a young slave, assists in taking care of Boots and shares in Aurelia's love for the tiger. However, despite Aurelia's care, Boots remains a wild animal at heart, and his inherent nature cannot be completely subdued.

Meanwhile, Brute undergoes harsh training to prepare for his role in the Colosseum. His life is one of violence and cruelty, contrasting sharply with the relative comfort experienced by Boots. The story portrays the stark differences in their fates and the impact of their environments on their behavior.

The climax of the novel occurs when Brute is brought to the Colosseum for a public spectacle. Aurelia and Julius, horrified by the prospect of Brute's fate, make a daring plan to save both tigers. The story explores themes of freedom, captivity, and the inherent nature of wild animals, as well as the moral dilemmas faced by those who seek to alter their fates.

### Themes
1. **Freedom vs. Captivity**: The novel examines the physical and psychological impact of captivity on wild animals.
2. **Compassion and Empathy**: Through Aurelia and Julius's relationship with Boots, the story highlights the importance of compassion towards animals.
3. **Humanity and Brutality**: The juxtaposition of the tender care given to Boots and the harsh treatment of Brute underscores the contrasting aspects of humanity.
4. **Nature vs. Nurture**: The story questions how much of an animal’s behavior is shaped by its nature versus its environment.

### Conclusion
"Tiger, Tiger" by Lynne Reid Banks is a poignant tale that blends historical fiction with a deep empathy for animals. It captures the grandeur and brutality of ancient Rome while delivering a powerful message about the treatment of animals and the complexities of human-animal relationships. The novel appeals to young readers with its engaging narrative and rich historical detail, while also imparting valuable ethical lessons.

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