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2019 We Need To Talk About Putin - Mark Galeotti(Ebury Press)

2019 We Need To Talk About Putin - Mark Galeotti(Ebury Press)

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"We Need to Talk About Putin" is a book written by Mark Galeotti, a Russia expert and professor of global affairs. The book provides an insightful analysis of Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, and his impact on the country and its relations with the international community.

Galeotti aims to go beyond the commonly held stereotypes and oversimplifications surrounding Putin and offers a nuanced understanding of his goals, motivations, and strategies. He examines Putin's rise to power, his consolidation of authority, and the various instruments he utilizes to maintain control over the state.

The book delves into the key aspects of Putin's rule, including his authoritarian governance style, his aggressive foreign policy, and his ability to manipulate and exploit both domestic and international events to his advantage. Galeotti also discusses the challenges Putin faces, such as managing Russia's complex economy and maintaining the loyalty of its diverse population.

"We Need to Talk About Putin" highlights the significance of understanding Putin's leadership and its implications for Russia and the global stage. Galeotti draws upon his extensive research and unique insights to offer a comprehensive analysis that enables readers to grasp the complexities of Putin's Russia.

While the book acknowledges Putin's authoritarian tendencies and critiques certain aspects of his rule, it avoids sensationalism and provides a balanced assessment of his strengths and weaknesses. Through this approach, Galeotti fosters a deeper understanding of Putin's Russia and the potential risks and opportunities it presents.

Overall, "We Need to Talk About Putin" is a thought-provoking and informative read for anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of Vladimir Putin's leadership and its impact on Russia and the world.

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