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1951*1st* Slave & His Golden Egg(Molly’s Bedtime Stories) Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd

1951*1st* Slave & His Golden Egg(Molly’s Bedtime Stories) Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd

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Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived a poor and lonely slave named Ali. Ali worked hard day and night for his cruel and demanding master, never getting any appreciation or reward for his efforts.

One sunny day, while Ali was toiling away under the scorching sun, he stumbled upon a gleaming golden egg. Amazed by its beauty, Ali couldn't believe his luck. He knew that this egg was no ordinary object, and it could potentially change his life forever.

Excited, Ali carefully picked up the golden egg and quickly hid it in his tattered cloak. He didn't want his master to find out about his newfound treasure, as he feared it would be taken away from him.

That night, as Ali lay by his meager and uncomfortable bed, he couldn't help but wonder about the golden egg. Thoughts of unlimited wealth and happiness filled his mind. He realized that he had to find out the true value of the egg and how it could transform his life.

The following day, after finishing his daily chores, Ali decided to visit a wise old man who lived on the outskirts of the village. The old man was known for his wisdom and knowledge of magical items.

As he approached the old man's cottage, Ali's nervousness turned into anticipation. He knocked on the door, and after a few moments, the old man greeted him with a warm smile.

"What brings you here, my young friend?" asked the old man.

"I have come seeking your wisdom, sir. I have found a golden egg, and I believe it holds great power and value," Ali explained.

The old man examined the egg carefully, and a sparkle in his eyes indicated his astonishment. "Young man, you have indeed stumbled upon something extraordinary. This is not an ordinary golden egg. It is a magical item known as the 'Egg of Fortune.' It has the power to grant you one wish," the old man revealed.

Ali's heart leaped with joy at the old man's words. He now had the opportunity to change his life and be free from the cruel clutches of his master. However, even with such immense power at his disposal, Ali knew that he had to use his wish wisely.

Days turned into weeks as Ali pondered over his one wish. He thought about wealth, health, and even revenge against his master. But ultimately, Ali decided to wish for something greater - freedom for himself and all the slaves in his village.

On a moonlit night, he made his way to a deserted field, clutching the golden egg tightly in his hands. With a trembling voice, he made his wish. "I wish for the freedom of all slaves in this village and for a life of peace and harmony for everyone."

Just as Ali finished his wish, the golden egg in his hand began to shake and emit a blinding light. When the light subsided, Ali found himself standing in the middle of the village square, surrounded by joyous faces.

It was as if his wish had come true instantly. All the slaves, including Ali, were now free. The news spread like wildfire, and soon the whole village celebrated this newfound freedom and the golden egg that had made it possible.

From that day forward, Ali became a hero and a symbol of hope for the villagers. They lived in peace and harmony, no longer under the yoke of slavery. And Ali, now a respected and free man, always cherished the power of the golden egg that had changed his life and the lives of those around him.

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