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Honeyburn Books (UK)

1955 Where The Leopard Passes - Geraldine Elliot(Illustrated Sheila Hawkins)

1955 Where The Leopard Passes - Geraldine Elliot(Illustrated Sheila Hawkins)

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African folk tales published by Routledge, Kegan Paul & Co. Nice book good jacket

Illustrated by Sheila Hawkins

Sheila Hawkins is a talented illustrator known for her expressive and vibrant artwork. With a background in Fine Arts, Sheila's illustrations are often characterized by her unique use of color and attention to detail.

Sheila is skilled in both traditional and digital mediums, and she often combines the two to create her illustrations. Her work ranges from whimsical and playful illustrations for children's books to intricate and detailed designs for editorial and commercial projects.

One of Sheila's strengths as an illustrator is her ability to capture emotions and tell a story through her artwork. Her illustrations often evoke a sense of joy, wonder, or nostalgia, drawing viewers into the world she has created.

Sheila's client list includes publishing houses, advertising agencies, and individual clients seeking custom artwork. She has collaborated with authors to bring their stories to life through illustrations, and her illustrations have been featured in magazines, websites, and various other publications.

In addition to her professional work, Sheila is also passionate about teaching and sharing her knowledge with aspiring artists. She has conducted workshops and classes, helping others develop their illustration skills.

Overall, Sheila Hawkins is a versatile and talented illustrator with a passion for creating beautiful and engaging artwork. Her ability to combine storytelling with her unique artistic style sets her apart in the industry.


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