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1961*1st* The Ambassadress - Frances Parkinson Keyes(Penguin Books)

1961*1st* The Ambassadress - Frances Parkinson Keyes(Penguin Books)

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"The Ambassadress" is a historical novel written by Frances Parkinson Keyes and published in 1966. The book is set in Washington D.C. during the early 20th century and follows the story of Catherine Havens, a strong-willed and ambitious woman who rises to become the first female ambassador in American history.

Catherine Havens comes from a privileged background, but she is determined to make her own mark in the world. She marries a wealthy industrialist, John Rider, who supports her dreams and ambitions. Catherine's intelligence and determination lead her to become involved in politics, where she navigates the male-dominated sphere with confidence and grace.

As Catherine's political career progresses, she is appointed as America's ambassador to an important European country. The role brings with it significant challenges, as Catherine must navigate complex diplomatic relationships, international crises, and personal conflicts. She faces the pressures of balancing her career with her marriage and family life, as well as the expectations and judgments of society.

"The Ambassadress" explores themes of feminism, ambition, power, and the challenges faced by women in male-dominated fields. It delves into the struggles and sacrifices Catherine makes to achieve success, as well as the personal toll that her ambitions take on her relationships.

Frances Parkinson Keyes was known for her meticulously researched historical fiction, and "The Ambassadress" is no exception. The novel provides a vivid portrayal of early 20th-century Washington D.C., as well as the international politics and diplomatic intricacies of the time.

"The Ambassadress" is a compelling and thought-provoking novel that sheds light on a fascinating period in American history and the struggles of women seeking to break glass ceilings. It is a story of ambition, sacrifice, love, and resilience that will resonate with readers, particularly those interested in historical fiction and women's empowerment.

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