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2013 Tigers In Red Weather - Liza Klaussman (Picador)

2013 Tigers In Red Weather - Liza Klaussman (Picador)

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"Tigers in Red Weather" is a novel written by Liza Klaussmann. The story revolves around two cousins, Nick and Helena, who are excited to reunite in the summer of 1945 at their family's estate in Martha's Vineyard after World War II. However, their idyllic summer quickly deteriorates as secrets and betrayals destroy their family and their relationships with one another.

The novel offers a dark portrayal of suburbia and the postwar society, where people are forced to hide their true selves under a veneer of pleasantness and propriety. The title "Tigers in Red Weather" is taken from a Wallace Stevens poem, "The Emperor of Ice-Cream," which suggests that underneath the surface, there is violence and passion lurking beneath the decorum of everyday life.

Overall, the novel explores themes of family, identity, and the masks that people wear to conceal their true selves.

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