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1940’s The Adventures Of Piker The Pup (B.B. Ltd)

1940’s The Adventures Of Piker The Pup (B.B. Ltd)

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Step back in time with this rare and charming find from the 1940s - The Adventures of Piker the Pup by B.B. Ltd. This large A3 format book is in surprisingly good condition for its age and scarcity, making it a must-have for any collector or lover of vintage children's literature.

The beautiful illustrations throughout the book are sure to capture your heart with their whimsical and playful depictions of Piker's adventures. And while no credit is given for the artwork, it only adds to the mystery and allure of this piece.

Although the corners may be slightly turned, this only adds to the character and authenticity of the book. And with a little bit of love and care, it would easily iron flat and make a stunning addition to any collection.

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