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1947 Little Grey Rabbit’s Washing-Day - Alison Uttley (Margaret Tempest) Collins

1947 Little Grey Rabbit’s Washing-Day - Alison Uttley (Margaret Tempest) Collins

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Grubby externally small name inside and ex-Libris sticker.

"Little Grey Rabbit's Washing Day" is a children's book written by Alison Uttley and illustrated by Margaret Tempest. It is part of the "Little Grey Rabbit" series, which follows the adventures of a group of animal friends living in the countryside.

In this particular book, Little Grey Rabbit is the main character. She wakes up one morning and realizes that her clothes are dirty and need to be washed. She decides it is time for a washing day and begins to collect all the laundry from her friends.

Little Grey Rabbit goes to visit Squirrel, Hare, and several other friends, each of whom gives her their dirty laundry. As she gathers the clothes, she notices that some of them are very muddy and stained. Little Grey Rabbit decides to make a special soap to help remove the tough stains.

With the laundry basket full, Little Grey Rabbit goes to the river to begin washing. She scrubs and rinses each item of clothing until they are clean and fresh. Meanwhile, her friends gather around to watch and play in the water.

While washing the clothes, Little Grey Rabbit also finds time to have some fun. She splashes and swims in the river, enjoying the warm sun and the cool water. Her friends join in the fun, playing games and laughing together.

After all the clothes are clean, Little Grey Rabbit takes them back to each of her friends, who are grateful for her help. She feels happy and accomplished, knowing that she has done a good deed for her friends.

The story highlights the value of friendship, teamwork, and the joy of simple pleasures. The charming illustrations by Margaret Tempest bring the characters and the countryside to life, creating a wonderful visual experience for young readers.

"Little Grey Rabbit's Washing Day" is a heartwarming tale that teaches children the importance of helping others and taking care of their belongings. It is a delightful addition to the "Little Grey Rabbit" series, capturing the innocence and magic of childhood adventures in the countryside.

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