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2000*1st* Set In Darkness - Ian Rankin(Orion)

2000*1st* Set In Darkness - Ian Rankin(Orion)

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Set in Darkness is a 2000 crime novel by Ian Rankin. It is the eleventh of the Inspector Rebus novels. It won the 2005 Grand Prix du Roman Policier (France) under the title Du fond des ténèbres.

In 1999 the Scottish Parliament was about to reopen in Edinburgh after 300 years. The novel is set in December 1998, with considerable references to the early months of 1979, when an earlier referendum instituting a Scottish Parliament had failed to receive enough votes. In the novel's presentation of both periods (1978–79 and 1998–99), real estate and construction in Edinburgh is booming, with gangsters speculating on choice areas near the proposed new institution.


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