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2003*1st* Sands Of Time - Barbara Erskine(HarperCollins)

2003*1st* Sands Of Time - Barbara Erskine(HarperCollins)

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"Sands of Time" is a historical fiction novel written by Barbara Erskine. The story intertwines the present and the past, following two women who are connected through a centuries-old secret.

In the present-day narrative, Anna, an archaeologist, travels to a remote island off the coast of Scotland to excavate an ancient burial site. As she delves deeper into the site, she starts experiencing strange visions and vivid dreams, where she witnesses the life of a young woman named Isabel, who lived during the 16th century.

Isabel's story unfolds in parallel, revealing her forbidden love affair with a man from a rival clan. Their relationship leads to a series of tragic events and spirals into a curse that continues to haunt the island for centuries. As Anna uncovers more about Isabel's life, she becomes entangled in the past and finds herself drawn to a local man whose connection to the island's history runs deep.

As secrets are unveiled and the past collides with the present, Anna must unravel the truth behind the curse and find a way to break it before it consumes her.

"Sands of Time" is a gripping and atmospheric novel, blending elements of romance, mystery, and supernatural. It explores themes of love, betrayal, and the enduring power of history. Barbara Erskine's meticulous attention to historical detail and her ability to transport readers between time periods make this a captivating read for fans of both historical fiction and paranormal genres.

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