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2019 Fing - David Walliams(Tony Ross illustration) HarperCollins

2019 Fing - David Walliams(Tony Ross illustration) HarperCollins

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The 2019 Fing book by David Walliams with illustrations by Tony Ross is a must-have for any children's book collection. Published by HarperCollins, this 11th print edition is in excellent condition, making it a reliable choice for readers of all ages.

The story follows the adventures of a young girl named Myrtle, who discovers a mysterious creature called a 'Fing' living in her house. With its witty humor and charming illustrations, this book is sure to captivate readers and keep them entertained from beginning to end.

The clean and crisp pages of this book make it a pleasure to read, while the durable cover ensures that it will last for years to come. Whether you're a fan of David Walliams' previous works or new to his writing, this book is a must-read for anyone who loves a good children's story.

Don't miss out on the 2019 Fing book - order your copy today and join Myrtle on her exciting adventure with the Fing!

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